Enter a restaurant where the ambiance and decoration help to further enhance the culinary experience.


Experience a taste of Lebanon and Middle Eastern cuisine without having to leave Calgary.


Come to Aladdin’s Casbah nestled in the beautiful south end of Calgary and experience traditional Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Cooked on the traditional wood charcoal barbeque, choose from a selection of delicious traditional dishes; there is something here for everyone! Experience the decadent flavors of grilled chicken, beef tenderloin and ground beef alongside quails, jumbo shrimp and the chef’s choice of appetizers in the popular Sultans Feast.

Aladdin’s Casbah not only provides a wonderful dining atmosphere but we can also bring the mouth-watering tastes of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine right to you with our Catering Service.
Please view our Menu for all of the dishes Aladdin’s Casbah offers.