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. 4. Include a tell a friend option on your website and email promotions. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most valuable customer acquisition methods. When friends recommend an product or service to a friend, that referral holds much more weight than if a business alone boasted about its benefits. Let your website visitors or email promotion recipients tell their friends about you. This system can have a powerful, domino effect. To add this promotion’s function, ask your web designer to include the program on your website or do it yourself by using a free, tell a friend service like Refer A Friend. It’s easy to leverage the strength of your online and walk in traffic and encourage each visitor to join your contact database. These people have already shown interest in your products or services in one form or another either by visiting your web site or your store. When you implement one or more of these strategies
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bar and restaurant that opened last summer in downtown Coeur d’Alene. The Hensleys had just come from Yellowstone National Park, seven hours southeast by car. I asked if they agreed that Coeur d’Alene belonged in the same sentence as the nation’s most picturesque getaways. Did it, for instance, remind them of their near to home getaway, Lake Tahoe? "A lot," said Kray
Wholesale jerseys from China Hensley, 71. "But I’d rather be here." "California is more built up," said, Pattie Hensley, 70. "This feels more loose. It’s more pristine." "Loose" is a fair description of Coeur d’Alene. There’s no pretense here just a quick, seductive charm and progressive western mentality. The downtown farmers market, for instance, included a woman pouring three of her homemade kombucha teas (which she sold to an eager local audience on tap no less); another stall hawking locally grown wool in a rainbow of colors; and, of course, because this is small town America, local fudge. But the

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