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they are being led. By means of questions, you can get them to think about a subject that they might not have considered previously, or lead them to look at it in a different light. If you want to be an effective communicator, you must learn as much as possible about your audience. So consider the type of person you are trying to communicate with. Some people want to hear all the details. Others want only a broad outline. Some are moved by emotion; others distrust emotion. Study your audience to determine if they are ready
Cheap jerseys from China to listen, ready to follow. "It takes two to speak truth" Henry David Thoreau said "One to speak and another to listen." CONVINCE THE AUDIENCE THAT YOU ARE A FRIEND WHO HAS THEIR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. When you speak in public, you will be most effective if you think of yourself, not as making a speech, but as someone who has come to talk with friends about a subject that is important to them. Lincoln stated in one of his speeches: "A drop of

I was furious. How could it happen?" Her co complainant Peter Kearney, a builder and artist, believes there was negligence and individuals should be charged. Warren Brookbanks, a law professor at the University of Auckland, says Crimes Act prosecutions might be possible. A criminal nuisance charge would require proof that the offender knew an unlawful act such as spilling diesel would endanger the public. "The difficulty would be proving relevant knowledge at the time of the spill, since the test is one of subjective knowledge, not what the person ought to have known." THE SPILL On the wet and snowy night of Thursday, September 26, 2013, Turoa staff transferred 3000 litres of diesel from a 40,000 litre above ground storage tank, the start of a chain of events that would end with the poisoning of the Raetihi water supply. A summary of facts presented to court last November revealed that a booster pump continued to operate and went into a "dead head state", causing

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