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they are being led. By means of questions, you can get them to think about a subject that they might not have considered previously, or lead them to look at it in a different light. If you want to be an effective communicator, you must learn as much as possible about your audience. So consider the type of person you are trying to communicate with. Some people want to hear all the details. Others want only a broad outline. Some are moved by emotion; others distrust emotion. Study your audience to

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steps, deep into the darkness, past the then empty yet foreboding rat cage, large doors opened slowly, silently. I somehow ended up being at the front of the group of about 20 people. A leering, top hatted character pointed the way with his cane. We filed in, then he broke his silence and barked right in my face. "Welcome! I am Colonel Jack Gamble. On this journey from 1848 through 1907, you will meet infamous criminals who will entertain you and guide you and . murrrrderrrr you!" He a

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alla caduta spontanea del mignolo del piede?) se non fosse stato per gli occhi, capisci. L’unica cosa che il buco del culo non poteva fare era vedere. Aveva bisogno
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