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steps, deep into the darkness, past the then empty yet foreboding rat cage, large doors opened slowly, silently. I somehow ended up being at the front of the group of about 20 people. A leering, top hatted character pointed the way with his cane. We filed in, then he broke his silence and barked right in my face. "Welcome! I am Colonel Jack Gamble. On this journey from 1848 through 1907, you will meet infamous criminals who will entertain you and guide you and . murrrrderrrr you!" He asked my name. "Uh, I think it’s A A Angela," I replied. He had me spin a Wheel of Misfortune ringed with rusty nails, to determine our collective fate. Whaddya know, it landed on "Retribution." This caused another door to open into another dark room. "Annnnngela, you first," Gamble hissed, turning to the rest of the group. "Trust no one. Especially Annnnngela." Old west memorabilia decorate the walls inside the new Fisherman’s Wharf attraction "The San

. Sam did not obtain a cost segregation study when he purchased the properties 8 years ago. Therefore, he has been reporting too little depreciation
Wholesale jerseys and unknowingly paying excessive income taxes. By claiming the depreciation on his 2008 tax return, he is able to use the additional ("catch up") depreciation to reduce ordinary income, just as if he had claimed the depreciation during the prior 8 year period. The preliminary cost segregation analysis indicated Sam had understated real estate depreciation during the prior 8 year period by $885,000. The tax rate arbitrage between ordinary income tax rate (35%) and the capital gains rate (15%) is 20%. Sam can reduce his 2008 income taxes by $177,000 ($885,000 times 20%) by claiming the depreciation not used in prior years. (Precisely correct calculations are more complex but the end result is very similar.) What is Cost Segregation? Cost segregation is simply an accurate way to allocate the cost basis of real estate and establish a depreciation

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